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Since 1990 Cecci Law Office has been focusing his practice on International law
Lawyer Fabrizio Cecci received a Diploma in International Law from the Pontifical Lateran University and a PhD in Law from the Pontifical Oriental Institute. He is entitled to practice as an Attorney-at-law before the Court of Cassation, the Roman Rota, and in the State of Vatican City. He is registered as foreign legal consultant by the Russian Honorary Consulate in Ancona (Italy) and the Consulate General in Moscow, and runs two law offices in Italy (Città di Castello and Fano) and Russia (Moscow). Lawyer Cecci has been practising the profession of attorney-at-law before Italian and foreign courts. If need be, he can appint attorneys in his trust who are licensed to practice abroad. These are some of the areas of legal practice he has been focused on:

Private International Law 
– citizenship and visa categories
– wills/testaments and inheritances from abroad
– adoption of minors and of age
– unions in Italy or abroad other than marriage

International Family Law
– mixed marriages under foreign laws
– transnational marriages
– overseas marriages
– parental kidnapping
– one spouse moving overseas
– annulment by Roman Rota or ecclesiastical tribunals all over the world of marriages between Catholics or, in the case of mixed marriages, between Oriental Catholics, Orthodox Catholics, Protestant Catholics, Muslims, etc.
– divorce petition before foreign courts
– stepchild adoption
– separation of property Unions in Italy or abroad other than marriage
– granting legal effects to annulment by ecclesiastical or foreign courts

International Corporate Law
– admiralty and aviation law
– E.U. law
– green economy
– internationalisation of companies and international commerce
– negotiation and drafting of international contracts, international debt recovery
– islamic law

Our values:
confidentiality: all the sensitive information contained in acts, documents, and e-mails are protected, and will remain confidential and will not be used or disclosed without consent;
fairness: in managing the relationship between clients and institutions;
quickness: we always choose the fastest and most effective way to avoid time and money wasting;
openness: we share with the client the technical, economical and moral reasons of every choice we make.


Fabrizio Cecci, Avvocato, Diploma di specializzazione in Diritto Internazionale, Pontificia Università Lateranense, Stato della Città del Vaticano, Rotale, Consolato Onorario della Federazione Russa in Ancona